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TOP 4 celebrities who started as bartenders

TOP 4 celebrities who started as bartenders

The bartender is a popular profession, which has a lot in common with actor’s one, both groups deal with a lot of people who want something from them and both are known to put on a show.

Four Hollywood celebrities also started their first show from the bartending, Sandra Bullock and Bruce Willis make the perfect Manhattan, while John Hamm is known for his glorious Old Fashion. All these stars bartenders-turned-celebrities got their starts behind the stick.

Ellen DeGeneres, No 4

The smart America’s sweetheart Ellen surprised public with her drink-making skills, the ex-bartender remember very well the proportion and names of many cocktails. Prior to joining the Hollywood elite, Ellen spent hundred of evenings at the bartend. According to DeGenres, she had many different jobs, and the bartender was one of the best ones.


Bruce Willis, No 3

Bruce Willis liked his occupation as a bartender, the young heartthrob enjoyed the profession of a bartender. The Die Hard actor was a real bartending star in his day, attracting patrons from all across the country with his expert mixology and flair bartending skills.

Bruce also shared the one biggest secret how to be a well-liked bartender: ‘Just giving drinks away for free!’

Bruce Willis

Sandra Bullock, No 2

Not to blindside you (yup, that happened), but Sandra Bullock worked as a bartender at the same time she joined the Neighborhood Playhouse Theatre where she honed her craft. “I learned a lot of accents as a bartender,” Bullock told Metro UK.

“A lot of girls came in looking for rich husbands. I learned to imitate them.”

Sounds like the bar taught her more than the theatre.

Sandra Bullock

Jon Hamm, No 1

Jon Hamm’s bartending past only muddies the waters more, and it sounds like actor’s bartending was well-received by the ladies.

“All of the women would be lined up at the bar like alcoholics just to see him shake his Martini shaker,”

actress Kelly Lynch, who frequently hired handsome Hamm to bartend at her parties.

John Hamm