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TOP 5 features of Facebook messenger

TOP 5 features of Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is not only a messenger, the mobile app has a lot of different features, TOP 5 of them are worth of your attention. Even if you not a fan of this application or messengers themselves. 

Facebook’s Messenger app isn’t all about messaging and now we explain to you why. A separate app makes Facebook more useful for making money through advertising, for an instance. Here are the most lovely features of Facebook’s messenger, and money one is in the first place, of course.

1. Money sending/requesting

All you need is a debit card, from which you can send money via messenger to you FB friends, and vice versa. Of course, if they’ve attached the number of their cards onto their FB messenger account, too. No extra fees for sending/receiving money, if you’re using debit, not credit, card.

2. Bots

Funny and smart bots are just cheering you up, assisting in the searches of anything and give the feeling of chatting with a friend. Not bad!

3. Group chats

Group chats are extremely helpful not only for business circles, collective chatting can gather together family or friends. Although multi chat is possible using your browser as well, it’s more convenient with the app.Nee to know more? Just tap the “groups” icon at the bottom of the screen.

4. Games

Everybody likes to play games, but everyone confesses in it. Whatever it be, Facebook messenger offers a lot of fun, tons of games to play. Football or soccer, crosswords or Angry Birds — anything is possible.

5. Video calls

The most lovely feature is video calls. Sometimes, it’s relly important to see each other while conversation. Skype od FaceTime are great too, but the Facebook messenger is more convenient as an app.Video calls from the phone are free over a wi-fi connection.