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Top-5 of popular names among British newborns revealed

Top-5 of popular names among British newborns revealed

The UK Baby Centre has announced the most common name for newborn boys in the UK in 2021. Since 2017, it is Muhammad with versions like Mohammed and Mohammad, the UKNews reports.

In the United Kingdom, the name Muhammad is keeping its top position as the name for newborn boys in 2021. The new trend, which  is getting stronger, is unisex name. Those are becoming increasingly popular, a prominent Baby Centre, parenting website, data reveals.

According to it, Muhammad “retains the crown for the fifth year running,” followed by Noah and Oliver.

However, the latest government statistics set Oliver in first place in 2020 with Muhammad only in fifth.

For girls, the most common names were Olivia, Sophia and Lily. The last one is on its popularity peak since the moment Meghan Markle and her husband named their second child. Thus, many British parents choose less straightforward solutions when it comes to naming their children.

It is not a surprise that sources of inspiration were as diverse as superheroes, athletes plus gender-neutral names surged. Parents also looked to hopes of a new beginning and dreams of travel after a year that started with lockdown,” Baby Centre explains.

While Nova, Neo, Aurora, and Eden incarnate the wish for renewal, Willow, Blake, and Noah demonstrate the tendency for unisex names. Some parents’ choices were also inspired by popular TV series like Bridgerton, Sex Education, and even Squid Game.