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Top secret information, compromised in Clinton email scandal

Top secret information, compromised in Clinton email scandal

It seems like the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton can’t catch a break, with new details from the email scandal she was involved in her time as the Secretary of State emerging every day. The Clinton email scandal is far from over.

Thus far, Clinton’s campaign aides and the Democratic candidate herself suggested that the emails from the Secretary of State’s home server didn’t contained information classified at high level, but new information obtained by NBC News tend to disband those statements.

Can this affect Mrs. Clinton’s campaign?

Some of Clinton’s emails contained information classified Top Secret/Special Access Program, yet, according to the same source, there are not the same emails that everybody was talking about as containing information designated Top Secret. This may mean that the Clinton email scandal could explode in a year very important for her and for the Democrats.

The former Secretary of State is leading the Democratic nomination race, but these new revelations could bring a stop to her expanding lead. Although she said every time she got the chance that none of the information she sent or received was marked classified, t’s become clear that unencrypted channels were used and classified information were open to interception by rival intelligence agencies.

Charles McCulllough, the intelligence community’s inspector general, revealed in a letter to the chairmen of the Senate intelligence and foreign affairs committees that he has received informations about the Clinton email scandal from an intelligence agency he declined to name. “Several dozen emails containing classified information determined by the IC element to be at the CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET/SAP information.”, said in the declaration. Clinton’s campaign didn’t respond to this new revelations.

…and she had her own server

In a time when many people see her as the prime candidate for the White House, it looks like the ghosts of the past have come to hunt Hillary Clinton. During her mandate as the Secretary of State, between 2009 and 2013, Clinton conducted government business over private email. What is really strange, says NBC News, is that not an Yahoo or Google email system was used, but her own server, which she kept in her home in Westchester County, New York.

Over 55,000 emails have been released public after The State Department was forced by a court to do so. Many of them have been heavily censored. The last batch is due to be made public Jan. 29, confirms the same source.

Republicans tried to gain some space in the elections after the Clinton email scandal, but the Democratic front-runner’s defenders have pointed out that the State Department hasn’t got CIA’s easy access to a classified messaging system and many of its officials must use an unclassified email system.

Everything should be made clear soon

Regarding the problem, State Department spokesman John Kirby stated that the State Department is “focused on and committed to releasing former Secretary Clinton’s emails in a manner that protects sensitive information. No one takes this more seriously than we do. We have said repeatedly that we anticipate more upgrades throughout our release process. Our FOIA review process is still ongoing. Once that process is complete, if it is determined that information should be classified as Top Secret we will do so.”, said Kirby, according to NBC News.