Today: Monday, 22 April 2024 year

Trudeau meets Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump

Justin Trudeau met with Donald Trump on Monday, that was a first visit of the Canadian Prime Minister to the US since the moment of the election of the new president. 

The meeting of Mr Trudeau and Donald Trump gathered a lot of journalists who noted that right beside Canadian PM seated Ivanka Trump who represented the businesswomen of America. It is worth to say that Justin Trudeau is willing to preserve the vital trade ties between two countries.

The Monday first face-to-face meeting offered to the leaders an opportunity to clear the politic and economic issues in the fast-changing world. Prime minister of Canada headed to DC hoping to secure reassurances that the American leader valued the Canada-US relationship, especially its economic ties, which are concerning the Canadian business circles very much.

Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau at the White House meeting

Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau at the White House meeting

Trudeau did his best to keep the economic relations with its neighbour at the same level, more than 75% of Canadian exports head south of the border, while the US export not so much to Canada, about 18%. The co-operation between the countries is close: 9 million US jobs depend on trade and investment from Canada, while Canada is the top customer for 35 states.