Today: Thursday, 25 April 2024 year

Trudeau Victory: Changes in Domestic and Foreign Policies – The Future of US and Canada Relations

Canada – newly sworn in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed a positive and optimistic outlook of Canada, its future both at the domestic and foreign fronts.

In his swearing ceremony at the Rideau Hall – Canada’s White House, the younger Trudeau gave the cheering Canadians a glimpse of his government, the building of a plan for the making of a strong middle class and making the plan to happen immediately.

Justin Trudeau’s victory in the polls and ascent to the country’s top post is a triumph over the 10 years stint of Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. Canada’s Governor General David Johnston presided the 10-step oath taking ceremony, which included the reading of the oaths in French and English languages. Also, Trudeau signed the “Instrument of Advice” that designates the new ministry officials, creating a new government.

The new Prime Minister attributed his victory to a unique campaign and platform that listens to the voice of the people. Stressing further, he said that “Canadians expects to see their values and priorities reflected in their government” and it is along this direction that the Trudeau administration wishes to take on a journey to plan and implement the plan.

Justin Trudeau is not the first Trudeau to sit in the Canadian Prime Minister post, being the son of the previous Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. But there were some apprehensions on his background as a teacher, as a political neophyte, but he won 01:06 as new leader in 10 years, surpassing expectations of the Canadian electorate.

But Canadians and US expects changes in both domestic and foreign policies. Trudeau’s Liberal party positioning means some transformations that includes a revamp in tax policies to the advantage of the middle- and low-income citizens. Priority policies are towards more investment in public transit and “green infrastructure,” reinforce gun-control measures, legalize marijuana and open Canada’s doors wider to immigrants”.

In the realm of US relations, Trudeau has vowed to remain a strong member of the anti-ISIS coalition but he has declared a pull-out in the U.S. led campaign against the ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq. No plans were revealed as to how and when Canada’s commitment in the coalition will continue, but Trudeau emphasized his stand in his words “a responsible way”.