Today: Friday, 1 March 2024 year

Trump announced an attempt to put him in jail for life.

Trump announced an attempt to put him in jail for life.

Former US President Donald Trump said that they are trying to put him in prison for life on trumped-up charges.

“They sincerely believe they can get away with trying to jail a life-leading opponent, despite the fact that he did not commit crimes,” Trump said in a widespread statement.

According to him, the Democratic administration led by Joe Biden is turning the United States into a third world country.

Prosecutors previously ordered Trump and other defendants to appear in court no later than August 25 to face charges in a fourth case, in addition to the indictment, the grand jury also agreed on a warrant for their arrest.

The sheriff of Fulton County in Georgia ordered Trump to appear in jail for arrest. It is not clear whether the politician will actually be taken into custody or whether the question of the conditions of his release will be decided by the court, as was the case in the three previous trials. But, according to American law, if Trump is indeed registered in a penitentiary, Secret Service agents will guard him there.

Former US President Donald Trump faces a total of 91 charges in four criminal cases, which the Republican politician calls an attempt by the Democratic establishment to prevent him from returning to the White House. The heaviest articles threaten Trump with 20 years in prison. If the punishment is determined by the method of adding terms, then he may be behind bars for several centuries. According to the totality of the charges, the politician faces more than 700 years in prison.