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Trump: Biden’s willingness to allocate billions to Ukraine causes laughter in NATO.

Trump: Biden’s willingness to allocate billions to Ukraine causes laughter in NATO.

US President Joe Biden’s willingness to allocate billions of dollars to Ukraine is causing laughter in NATO, former American leader Donald Trump said.

“They’re laughing at the stupidity of the United States, which is led by a man who gives away $60 billion every time someone asks. They’re laughing at us, they think we’re a stupid country because of our leadership,” Trump told reporters during a break in the trial.

According to him, the spending of NATO countries on the alliance should correspond to the American ones, for now the United States is contributing 200 billion dollars, and the rest – only 25 billion.

“For them, this is more important because there is an ocean between us, a completely different situation,” Trump said.

Trump faces a total of 91 charges in four criminal cases, which the Republican politician calls an attempt by the Democratic establishment to prevent him from returning to the White House. The most serious articles threaten Trump with 20 years in prison. If the punishment is determined by adding sentences, he could end up behind bars for several centuries. Based on the totality of charges, the politician faces more than 700 years in prison.

The White House is calling on members of the US Congress to urgently approve the bill, which includes the allocation of more than $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, after the initiative was approved by the Senate, where the Democrats have a majority. In turn, House Speaker Mike Johnson said that the Republican-controlled House would not be able to follow the Senate in forcing it to pass this bill.