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Trump called on states to send forces to help Texas.

Trump called on states to send forces to help Texas.

Former US President Donald Trump called on all concerned states to send their forces to Texas to protect the country’s southern border from the penetration of illegal migrants, a corresponding statement from the politician was published on his social network Truth Social.

“We call on all willing states to place security in Texas to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants and drive them back abroad. All Americans should support the reasonable measures of the Texas authorities to protect the safety, security and sovereignty of Texas and the people of the United States,” Trump said in a statement.

The former president added that, if re-elected to the government’s top office this year, he intends to “work hand in hand” with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, as well as leaders of other border states, to “stop the migrant invasion, close the border and begin the largest deportation operation in history.”

“Those that (President) Biden let into the country should not feel comfortable because they will soon be going home,” Trump said.

Meanwhile, as the Republican-friendly Fox News channel reports, the list of states supporting Texas in the dispute with the federal government regarding the situation on the border has already been represented by 14 regions. Among them: Florida, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Montana, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and a number of others. Some of these states have sent aid to Texas in the past, including their own law enforcement officials.

The US Supreme Court previously ordered the removal of a 30-mile long barbed wire fence on the US-Mexico border, installed as part of the state’s fight against the influx of migrants. Gov. Greg Abbott has repeatedly argued that Joe Biden’s administration is not properly policing the borders, which has led to a surge in illegal immigrants. As a result, Texas began sending them on buses to major American cities, including Washington and New York.