Today: Thursday, 29 February 2024 year

Trump called the situation at the border a weapon of mass destruction for the United States.

Trump called the situation at the border a weapon of mass destruction for the United States.

The situation on the US border has become a weapon of mass destruction, former American leader Donald Trump said.

“Our border has become a weapon of our mass destruction,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social.

According to him, the current state of affairs at the border is “the worst in history.”

The US Border Patrol Union also agrees that the current administration does not control the situation with migrants. They said that the White House is “doing everything to interfere with border security.”

As reported, the administration led by Joe Biden is in conflict with Texas authorities over border security measures. Texas authorities insist the border is not being properly secured, allowing record numbers of illegal immigrants to enter the United States. The administration, for its part, calls the measures taken by local authorities unconstitutional and excessive.

The Supreme Court earlier issued a ruling requiring Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to remove a barrier put up to curb the flow of migrants. Abbott’s deadline to allow federal workers into a section of the border to remove the barriers expired Friday. The leadership of 25 American states then accused Biden of unwillingness to fight illegal migration, and Abbott himself openly made it clear that he was ready for a potential conflict with the federal government.

The US has seen record levels of illegal migration in recent months, with border officials recording 302,000 illegal border crossings last December, the largest number in a single month. In addition, a record number of illegal immigrants has been recorded all three years during which the United States has been led by Biden.