Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

Trump criticized Biden for pushing the country into a third world war.

Trump criticized Biden for pushing the country into a third world war.

Former US President Donald Trump on Friday lashed out at his successor Joe Biden’s decision to use standby US forces to support NATO’s eastern flank, noting that a politician who can’t easily board his plane should not push his country to the third world war.

“Joe Biden can’t even climb the steps aboard Air Force One without tripping. The last thing his incompetent administration should do is push us into World War III,” Trump wrote on his TRUTH Social.

His statements are a reference to widely replicated and widely discussed cases when Biden, climbing the ladder of the presidential board, now and then stumbled and fell, giving his critics food for speculation about the state of the US leader’s physical health.

According to Trump, who previously declared his ambitions to once again compete for the presidency, the “reckless escalation” of the conflict in Ukraine is pushing the US military to the brink of disaster.

Trump pointed out that the decision to move troops to Europe leaves the American borders themselves undefended.

“When I am re-elected, it will take 24 hours. This conflict must end. No mother and no father wants to send their child to die in Eastern Europe. We must have peace,” the politician said firmly.

The day before, the Pentagon announced that Biden, by his decree, authorized the use of part of American forces in Europe to support Operation Atlantic Resolve and strengthen NATO’s eastern flank.