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Trump and Cruz: fierce battle for the Republican ticket

Trump and Cruz: fierce battle for the Republican ticket

Two Republican presidential hopefuls, who are also the leading figures in the 2016 GOP race, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are political rivals in the Republican party and have at one time or the other thrown jabs at each other. It is not surprising because Ted Cruz is closely giving Donald Trump many reasons to worry as regards the polls result in the battle for the White House. With his surge over the past month, Cruz has amassed an extraordinary reserve of credibility.

Recent polls shows Ted Cruz closing-in on Trump

A recent poll in Iowa had him at 91-6 favorable-unfavorable among tea partiers. If anyone has the standing to make the case against Donald Trump, it is Ted Cruz.  If there was any tactical error here it was on the part of Donald Trump. It has been pretty clear for a long time that Cruz had great potential in Iowa, but back when Trump could have dropped a bomb on Cruz before he took off, the mogul was either taken in by Cruz’s submissiveness, or willing to play along with the terms of their faux friendship.

Trump booed as he attacks Cruz

The Politico reports that two days after Thursday’s debate strained the peace between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, events on Saturday, when they crossed paths here, shattered it, with each man unloading on the other. “You give a campaign contribution to Ted Cruz, you get whatever the hell you want!” Trump charged at a tea party gathering on Saturday afternoon, two hours after Cruz worked the same room. However, Trump was less cautious, and was punished in return; when he said Cruz was beholden to donors, many of the conservative activists responded with boos. “Well, excuse me. Excuse me. He didn’t report his bank loans? Excuse me,” Trump said, as boos continued to fill the room. “He didn’t report his bank loans. He’s got bank loans from Goldman Sachs. He’s got bank loans from Citibank and then he acts like Robin Hood. Say whatever you want, it doesn’t work that way.”

Ted Cruz closes the gap with Trump

When Cruz spoke at the occasion, he did not mention Trump’s name, though some of his more veiled swipes were clearly intended for him. Polls show Cruz is the second choice of many Trump voters, and with an eye on the businessman’s following, the Texas senator had carefully avoided criticizing him for months. At the Myrtle Beach gathering, most Tea Party activists interviewed said they admired both candidates. Many said Trump and Cruz were their top two choices.