Today: Monday, 22 April 2024 year

Trump embraces fundraising, not transparency

Trump embraces fundraising, not transparency

Donald Trump intends to close the cash gap with Hillary Clinton, that’s why he is very busy now with the fundraising. This his activity becomes more aggressive than ever before — Trump embraces fundraising, not transparency.

Trump’s campaigners are involved into the aggressive fundraising activity, which aimed at the closing the gap the cash with the Democrats. In the coming weeks, Trump scheduled several soirees, where Donald will be attended — in Nantucket and Cape Cod.

From the very beginning of the presidential race, both Clinton and Trump relied on their own money. Moreover, Trump claimed that he couldn’t be bought, and this thought was a central one to his image. Independent, wise, successful billionaire who is able to make the nation richer and better as well.

Time is flying and both candidates at the moment really need the support of donors. The fall campaigns will need more money, and Clinton is more transparent in her relationships with donors.

Trump isn’t so opened about his own finances, he has so far refused to release any of his taxes, justifying the break with historic precedent by claiming he is under audit. Not good idea fo the candidate, say his supporters.