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Trump hires 28-year-old former model turned White House communications director

Trump hires 28-year-old former model turned White House communications director

Donald Trump introduced new White House communications director, the vacation was filled by the 28-year-old former model Hope Hicks. Previously, she was working for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. Probably, this recommendation was enough for White House.

Ex-model who worked for Ralph Lauren as a model and for Ivanka Trump fashion collection as a spokesperson was appointed as communications director two weeks after Anthony Scaramucci’s leaving.

The first daughter was glad to promote her old good friend and colleague, Ivanka tweeted earlier this week:

“Congratulations to my talented friend and colleague Hope Hicks… I know she will do an amazing job!”

Hope Hicks and Steve Bannon

In fact, Hope also worked Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. she is a well-educated person. After graduating from university she went to work for a New York-based PR firm Hiltzik Strategies.

White House hired the youngest ever communications director

The White House has a tendency to hire younger persons, Hope Hicks is the most recent example. At just 28 years old, Hope is the youngest ever communications director at the White House – and will earn more than £139,000 per year.

After Steve Bannon, the chief strategist, was ousted from the White House, Hope urgently needs some reliable contact. She will be working closely with Kellyanne Conway but it’s not enough. Ivanka Trump believes that Hope ‘will do an amazing ‘ but how long? Now, the people are trying to guess, how long will stay the 28-year-old communications director in the West Wing.

Hope Hicks and Mrs Conway