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Donald Trump, ignored during Dallas Republican Convention

Donald Trump, ignored during Dallas Republican Convention

The fact that Donald Trump is far from being the candidate the GOP wanted to represent them in the General Elections is no longer a secret. Not once important members of the party said that they would rather support Hillary Clinton instead of the business man. And as far as we know, this is a scenario that nobody ever thought about!

No GOP love for The Donald

This Thursday, during the Republican Convention in Dallas, the leaders met to discuss the current situation, but, surprisingly or not, Donald Trump was barely mentioned, even though he has mathematically won the nomination.

Ted Cruz instead, had a great night! A lot of Republicans seemed to support Trump’s former competitor, despite him suspending his campaign last week. The crowd cheered every time when the Cruz was mentioned and this is somehow normal, considering that the Republican Convention took place in his home state. Could this be a hint that he’s actually going to bring his campaign back to life?

A lot of support for Cruz!

The Convention was opened by Texas Governor Greg Abbot, who wanted to congratulate Ted Cruz, who he has endorsed, for his presidential bid, also mentioning that the senator is a “true conservative”, according to CNN Politics.

The same day, another Cruz endorser, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, was the first one to mention Donald Trump, when pitching the idea of Cruz as a Supreme Court justice, under Trump as president, says the same source.

“He would have made a great president,” Patrick said of Ted Cruz. “If Donald Trump wants to unite our party … I would like to see Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court.”

Besides several statements, from GOP leaders, there was another detail that revealed how unpopular Donald Trump is between his fellow party members. For example, Ted Cruz’s convention boots were placed at the entrance of the convention, while those covered with the ‘Make America Great Again’ logo, alongside a Trump life-size poster, were at the back of the room. How subtle can it get?

Should we expect a comeback?

Earlier this week, before the Republican Convention, Ted Cruz declared during a radio talk show that he’s not ignoring the possibility of reviving his campaign if he will win the upcoming primaries.

“But listen, let’s be very clear … we launched this campaign intending to win. The reason we suspended the race last week is with Indiana’s loss, I didn’t see a viable path to victory. If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly,” he told host Glenn Beck, according to CNN Politics.

Finally, if he’s not planning something big for the elections, Ted Cruz wants another terms as Texas Senator in 2018, an announcement he will make this Saturday.