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Trump: ‘I’m working for you now, I’m not working for Trump’

Trump: ‘I’m working for you now, I’m not working for Trump’

Donald Trump didn’t answer the simple question–are his taxes paid or not? During his recent statement, Mr. Trump said a lot, including a bad system, his fight with it and many other things. The Republican candidate assured voters that he’s working for them now, not working for himself.

Donald Trump gives a speech on Monday, in which he told how he faced down a political mess over his taxes, adding he’d beaten a bad system. The question regarding his paying/unpaying taxes is still actual. Any American needs to know, whether candidate Trump paid his taxes?

But the brave and ambitious Republican nominee offered people to brilliantly use the same skills he used to pay less in income tax. “I’m working for you now — I’m not working for Trump,” he assured the supporters at a rally in this key Western swing state.

The New York Times reported that Donald Trump had reported losing nearly $1 billion in a single year in tax filings. Possibly that he could legally have gone over 18 years without paying income taxes afterward, Trump confronted the issue head-on. He said that in business:

“it’s my job to minimize the overall tax burden. I have legally used the tax laws to my benefit … Honestly, I have brilliantly used those laws.”

Sounds great but there is still a question about Trump’s finances, voters are interesting, whether or not the Republican candidate actually paid income taxes at all?