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Trump ladies: Melania and Ivanka have a ‘frosty’ relationship

Trump ladies: Melania and Ivanka have a ‘frosty’ relationship

Donald Trump ladies, Melania and Ivanka, are equally bright stars in his family but these women have rather ‘frosty’ relations, say the insider.

Donald Trump’s wife is the first lady of the United States, but her critics note she is not really good in this role. Even during the US presidential race, Melania was not so active Trump supporter as Ivanka. The first daughter now is continuing to keep the significant influence to her father, last week, Ivanka Kushner-Trump got her own office in the West Wing.

To be beautiful is not so obligatory for the first lady, this position requires the proactive position and desire to be all the time in the centre of public attention, Melania is not ready for that, while Ivanka, undoubtedly, is. Maybe, that is the main reason of their so-called frosty relations. Melania doesn’t want to play an episodic role and at the same time, she dislikes when the eldest daughter has frequently filled FLOTUS role in Melania’s absence.

Melania and Ivanka TrumpDespite the insider’s message about the ‘frosty’ relations between these women, the White House spokesperson insists Melania and Ivanka have always had a close bond and still do.

Ivanka and Melania Trump: who is who

While Ivanka has been Trump’s go-to child and perhaps biggest supporter, Melania allowed herself to be absent for a host of presidential race rallies and speeches. Such modus operandi makes Melania to shy away from her new political duties as First Lady, so Ivanka made her own clear choice to fill Melania’s shoes.
As a matter of fact, it is not an issue of ‘frosty’ or ‘friendly’ relation between Trump women, it’s all about the level of preparedness to the new highest status. Melania is a good wife and mother, while Ivanka aimed at the political and business career at the same time.