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Trump and Mexican president speak by phone amid crisis in relations

Trump and Mexican president speak by phone amid crisis in relations

Donald Trump and his Mexican counterpart Enrique Peña Nieto had a phone conversation on Friday. In their one-hour discussion, the presidents have spoken about a lot of issues but not the border wall. Amid crisis in relations, both Mexico and the US try to keep their relations well and diplomatic.

The United States and its close neighbour Mexico are in very tense relations. The stumbling block is the migration issue: the 45th US President intends to reduce significantly the flow of the illegal migrants and even to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

Despite the worst crisis in their relations, President Trump and President Enrique Peña Nieto made a wise decision to ratchet down the tension. On Friday, they speaking for an hour over the phone, and one of the results of this dialogue was the agreeing not to discuss publicly the funding of a border wall that Trump is ready to build.

The phone conversation of Trump and Peña Nieto

The Mexican economy depends very much on the cross-border free trade, its disruption can upend the normal order in Mexico even without the wall on the border.

The Mexican businessman Carlos Slim is very concerned with the promises of Donald Trump to cut Mexico from the US with the border wall. The billionaire Slim rarely addresses the media but he decided to raise his voice under current circumstances:

“The best wall is investment, which generates employment in Mexico. Mexico is the best partner the U.S. has and also the most complementary.”

President Peña Nieto

President Peña Nieto was going to pay a visit to Washington on Thursday but called it off. The reason was a dispute over who would pay for Trump’s Great Mexican wall. The American leader explained that Mexico will pay, but Mexico has refused.

The phone conversation next day was ‘very friendly,’ according to Trump. The US president supposes Friday’s phone call amid a crisis in US-Mexico relations can be a start for the future tough negotiations over what Trump qualifies as an unfair trade relationship.