Today: Saturday, 2 March 2024 year

Trump, Palin blames Obama for son’s arrest

Donald Trump said Wednesday that he approved of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s message about her son at a rally earlier in the day. Palin blames her son’s domestic violence arrest to the broader policies of President Barack Obama’s administration. During an interview on CNN, Donald Trump was asked “Do you think it’s fair to link the president with her son’s issues?” The Republican presidential front-runner said he thought it was fair. “Oh, I think so,” he told Lemon. “Look, everything starts at the top. He’s the president. And I think you can certainly do that.”

Trump said he told Palin to bring the case up

Trump said on CNN that he told Palin she should bring up her son’s arrest at the Oklahoma rally. Recently, Palin endorsed the candidacy of Donald Trump. “I told her it would be absolutely fine. I thought it would be appropriate,” he told Lemon. Trump added: “I actually suggested it. I said, ‘I think it would be a great forum.’ And I know she started the dialogue. I think it’s a very important dialogue.”

Christie resist temptation to smack Trump

The GOP candidates have always been against each other, and most times, the man in the news is Donald Trump. Presidential contender Chris Christie has resisted demands to smack Donald Trump as the Republican party establishment panics over Trump’s seemingly unstoppable rise. The New Jersey governor was among four mainstream candidates who crisscrossed New Hampshire on Wednesday, bracing for a primary poll that could be their last stand if, as polls suggest, the Iowa caucuses are dominated by Trump and hardline conservative Ted Cruz.

Christie says it’s not all about Trump

Christie according to Guardian said: “Listen, you know when I will? When I think it makes sense to. I’m not in this to just beat Donald Trump. I’m in this to become president of the United States and I’m going to make certain decisions about when I want to say what I’m going to say.”