Today: Wednesday, 21 February 2024 year

Trump Policies on Banning Muslims: In Defiance of the US Constitution?

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump continues to have strong lead in the presidential race. However, in spite of this lead, two- thirds of the American voters have expressed their worries and fears over Trump winning the next presidential position.

The poll result came out prior to Trump’s statement on Monday calling to bar Muslims from entering the United States. This temporary proposition was endorsed by Trump until the leaders of United States are able to “figure out what is going on”, specifically pointing to the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.

While Trump is working his scores on the poll, Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, has maintained a 20-point lead against Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Winning over Trump in the 2016 election is a little bit more appealing to the American voters than that of Trump, First Draft reports.

Even at the start of his election campaigns, Trump has been receiving a lot of critics. However, Trump seems to win the support of those republican primary voters at 35%, against his closest competitor Senator Cruz at 16%, and Ben Carson at 13%. Senator Marco Rubio, supported by Florida stands at 9%. The rest of the candidates remains at 4%.

Letting the GOP caucusgoers speak, they say Trump has the best chance of winning the Republican presidency in the 2016 election. With 42% say that Trump will win, 17% say Cruz will be the next one, and 11% says Carson and Rubio has the best shot.

Looking at all the candidates with their policies, Trump is seen to be the most reliable person to deal with some of the crucial issues of the country, such as the problem in illegal immigration. On dealing with ISIS and foreign policy, Trump gets a substantial lead of 30% against Cruz with a 21%, 13% Rubio and 9% Bush, CNN reports.

Talking about handling the responsibilities of a commander-in-chief, Trump comes at 28% lead, while Cruz comes in second place at 22%, Carson at 13%, and Bush at 10%, while Rubio is at 9%.

With the recent announcement of Trump to temporarily bar all Muslims from entering America, people from both inside and outside the country have criticised him, calling him divisive and discriminatory. Not all Muslims bring security risks, and not all people would agree with Trump, yet, in the midst of these consistent threats, how does one deal with terrorism?

Opponents might argue that Trump’s proposal would drive America to be a prejudice country, calling Trump as a violator of the American constitution. In response to Trump’s proposal, Ben Carson says, “We do not discriminate on people based on religion,” adding, “that’s constitutional, that’s in the First Amendment.” Of course, he’s right. Except the First Amendment isn’t a free-floating grant of rights to all of mankind.”

Trump is not the first to express banning of travels to the US soils. In the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis, wherein 60 Americans were held hostage in US Embassy in Tehran, President Jimmy Carter banned Iranian immigrants, and deported or expelled Iranian students studying in the US.

Trump may have gained supporters with his brave and fearless policies, however, others have also felt apprehension over Trump’s style of presidency.