Today: Wednesday, 24 April 2024 year

Trump promised to prevent a third world war.

Trump promised to prevent a third world war.

Former US President Donald Trump said that if he wins the elections in 2024, he will be able to prevent the third world war, the broadcast was conducted on the YouTube channel of the RSBN media company.

“I will prevent a third world war,” Trump repeated twice during a speech at a meeting with voters in the state of South Carolina.

He added that today the weapons are so powerful that they can destroy the world.

I won’t let that happen,” he said.

The former US president added that he would achieve a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine “even before returning to the Oval Office.” At the same time, as Trump noted, the resolution of the conflict will be fair for both sides.

Trump has previously said that President Joe Biden’s decision to send US forces to Europe and send cluster munitions to Ukraine is pushing the country into a third world war.