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Trump says he regrets comments that may have caused pain

Trump says he regrets comments that may have caused pain

Donald Trump officially apologized for his comments that may have caused pain. In his statement, the Republican nominee for the first time since his presidential race acknowledged that his words may hurt people. 

Republican Donald Trump decided to win some more votes, that one one of the reason of his video statement, in which he apologized for the words or comments that may have caused pain. Trump admits his caustic expressions sometimes are not appropriate and even may hurt. Donald Trump regrets some of what he’s said “in the heat of debate.”

This week, Trump started with the shaking up his presidential campaign, and his comments about national minorities sound too evil and harsh. Especially for him as for candidate for the presidential position.

Trump explained that in the heat of debate, he sometimes don’t choose the right words. So, such a misunderstanding can transform into the painful expression, for which Republican nominee asks to forgive. An official statement and apologizing Donald Trump read in front of a camera at a rally in Charlotte, N.C.:

“And believe it or not, I regret it — and I do regret it — particularly where it may have caused personal pain.”