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Trump supported the court’s decision on his presidential immunity.

Trump supported the court’s decision on his presidential immunity.

Former US President Donald Trump on social media supported the decision of the Supreme Court, which refused to expeditiously consider the issue of his presidential immunity in the context of the imputed acts.

“Corrupt Joe Biden and his cronies waited three years to bring this sham case, and now they have tried and failed to put this witch hunt through the courts. Of course, I am entitled to presidential immunity. I was president and it was mine “The right and responsibility to investigate and speak out about the fraudulent and stolen 2020 Presidential Election,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

He said he now “looks forward” to hearing the application in District Court.

The US Supreme Court previously rejected prosecutors’ request for an expedited review of the issue of the scope of Trump’s legal immunity and its applicability to a number of criminal episodes charged against him. Special Counsel Jack Smith is believed to have sought to speed up the investigation into Trump’s alleged election interference when he bypassed the courts to ask the Supreme Court to clarify whether the former president is immune from prosecution for acts dating back to his tenure. in the position.

Trump himself asked the court not to agree to expedite the process, which is ongoing in federal court in Washington and includes, among other episodes, the storming of the Capitol by a crowd of supporters of the then-current president in an attempt to block legislative approval of the electoral victory of his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Trump’s defense is based on the fact that, firstly, as the head of state, he had legal immunity and, secondly, he exercised the right to freedom of speech by refusing to admit defeat in the elections.

Trump faces a total of 91 charges in four criminal cases, which the Republican politician calls an attempt by the Democratic establishment to prevent him from returning to the White House. The most serious articles threaten Trump with 20 years in prison. If the punishment is determined by adding sentences, he could end up behind bars for several centuries. Based on the totality of charges, the politician faces more than 700 years in prison.