Donald Trump reportedly stated on Monday that he will return a campaign contribution from a donor described as a “determined white separatist” after the donation was questioned on the trail in New Hampshire.“I would certainly return it if you think it is appropriate,” Trump boldly told an attendee at a town hall event a day before the state’s primary.“I would return it. Don’t be so angry, I don’t even know who he is.”The contributed the donation in question was from William Daniel Johnson, a Los Angeles attorney described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “determined white separatist.”

Daniel Johnson, sponsored a robocall in Iowa fully supporting Trump, also reigned praises on Trump interviews with Talking Points Memo.

Donation from William Johnson matches with Daniel Johnson’s address

Johnson quotes was on display in SPLC’s website, one of written quotes includes a call for U.S. citizenship to be restricted to the “non-Hispanic white [members] of the European race.” It was also noted back in 2010 when he made a speech of how he was upset that the popular mythical book and movie character Harry Potter kissed a “Chinese girl” in one of the movies series and books by J.K. Rowling.

It was also reported that a William Johnson with Johnson & Associates in Los Angeles donated $250 to Donald Trump’s campaign, FEC records show. Liberal watchdog group Media Matters notes that Johnson’s address is the same as address as that of the of nationalist groups, which strengthens the argument that the donation is from Daniel Johnson himself. The group has requested that Trump should return the donation.

Trump has raised up criticism that his controversial statements about Hispanics and his call to ban Muslim immigration to America are appealing to the white nationalists.

Johnson’s donation can be refunded by the campaign at any time and any refund would show up in financial disclosures that  will be released monthly throughout 2016.

Trump resounded it to his supporters that he he majorly funds his campaign. While the present total cost of Trump’s campaign spending has been covered by a $12.6 million personal loan he made to the campaign, Trump has spent a whooping sum of $7 million in campaign donations since he kicked-off his presidential bid.