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Trump Tower’s security: from election to inauguration costs New York City $24 mln

Trump Tower’s security: from election to inauguration costs New York City $24 mln

Trump Tower was the residence of President-elect from November to January, and the security of this important state object cost New Your taxpayers $24 million, City Police Commissioner James O’Neill said in a statement.

The security measures for the Trump Tower costs New York City about $24 million, they cover the period from the election moment to the inauguration day. The home of Donald Trump and his family in Manhattan took every day $308,000 to the taxpayers of the city. The detailed report regarding the cost of the security for Trump Tower was attached to the request of reimbursement to the Federal budget from the New York’s police commissioner.

James O’Neill revealed the cost of the security measures, he initiated the request for the reimbursement to Congress. By the way, Melania and Barron Trump are continuing to reside in the Tower.

“We are seeking full federal reimbursement for all costs incurred related to security for President Trump and his family at Trump Tower,”

wrote the spokeswoman for Mayor Bill de Blasio in her email.

The NYC Police Commissioner James O’Neill stressed that the Police Department is protecting not only the President’s family but the common residents in the big city.

“Trump Tower itself now presents a target to those who wish to commit acts of terror against our country, further straining our limited counterterrorism resources,”

Commissioner O’Neill said on Wednesday.

In December 2016, mayor De Blasio asked the U.S. government for about $35 million to cover security costs for protecting Trump in his home skyscraper. Taking into account that the Tower located in the heart of city, the cost of security is not so high.