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Trump wants to expel up to 3 million illegal immigrants

Trump wants to expel up to 3 million illegal immigrants

In an interview with CBS, the new US president-elect promised to expel up to 3 million illegal immigrants. He is also income on the crucial role of social networks in his campaign. From his Twitter account, for example, he had an outrageous role … who served! Meanwhile, opponents still occur.

In an interview with CBS television broadcast Sunday , the future tenant of the White House promised to expel up to 3 million illegal immigrants: “What we will do is take people who are criminals and who have criminal records, which belong to gangs that are drug traffickers (…), probably 2 million, it can also be 3 million people, we will return the country or we will put in prison. But we will return to our country, they are here illegally. ”

Returning to the hard line of his campaign, after being put water in its wine since his election Tuesday, Donald Trump also reiterated the well would build a “wall” on the border with Mexico to reduce illegal immigration . In some places, the elected president, however, admitted that there could be “fences” but, he insisted, “a wall is more appropriate.” “I’m very good at that, called the construction”, quipped the owner of the Trump Organization, extensive network of hotels and luxury buildings.

“Social networks have helped me to win”
Also in the interview to “60 minutes”, he explained: “The fact that I have such a power in terms of audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I think it helped me gain all (States), where they spent a lot more money than me. ”

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In total, the millairdaire has 28 million followers on social networks. With them, he has forged a special relationship: away cold messages, calibrated by “community managers”, the Republican used his accounts – Twitter, including – directly frantically and outrageous tone.

A feature which, according to him, contributed to his victory. He added: “I find it extraordinary It is a modern form of communication There is absolutely not to be ashamed of…”

“It will take me restrains me”
Internet is as useful to him to defend rumors: “If someone tells a dirty story about me, or something wrong, someone other than you, of course, then I have a way to strike back against, respond”. He himself was often very offensive in the area: Hillary Clinton, called “Crooked Hillary” (Hillary debauchery) can attest …

However, Donald Trump knows that now he will have to restrict “He’ll have to curbs me, if I continue to use them.”

Donald Trump when he called his rival a “scoundrel”

At the same time, anti-Trump events still take place. Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched Saturday.

“No racist America”, “Donald Trump has to go,” chanted thousands of demonstrators in the streets of Chicago (north), some bearing a chest pin, became a symbol of solidarity with the attacked minorities by the Republican candidate during the campaign.

In New York (northeast), at least 10 000 people rallied 5th Avenue to 56th Street, where the Trump tower is located, in which the president elected on Tuesday was to spend the weekend preparing for his future government .