Today: Tuesday, 23 April 2024 year

Trump weighs in on the Oscar outrage

Controversial celebrity businessman and Republican presidential front runner, Donald Trump is “sad” about black actors being shut out for Oscar nominations, but also reasons that white people do not get nominated for Black Entertainment Television Awards. “I think it’s a tough situation. I think it’s really sad,” Trump said Wednesday on “Fox and Friends” when asked about the lack of black nominees. Trump also said: “I saw someone on your show today saying, ‘Well, what do we do with BET, Black Entertainment?’ Right?” Trump asked on “Fox and Friends.” “The whites don’t get any nominations.” BET Awards have nominated Justin Timberlake, Eminem,  and Sam Smith in the past. GOP candidate was the first to comment on the issue, saying the issue is overblown.

Trump leads in Iowa, CNN poll reveals

Donald Trump is having a commanding lead over his GOP rivals in Iowa, just as Vermont  Sen. Bernie Sanders takes control of the Democratic race in the critical first-in-the-nation voting state, a new CNN/ORC poll released Thursday reveals. Trump leads Sen. Ted Cruz, who is in second place in the GOP race, among likely Republican caucus-goers, 37% to 26%. Sen. Marco Rubio is in third at 14%, the only other Republican in double digits. Ben Carson failed to register half of Rubio’s support and is in fourth place at 6%.

Sanders lead Clinton in polls

Sanders, meanwhile, has opened up an eight-point lead over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, leading her in Iowa 51% to 43% among likely Democratic presidential caucus-goers. Of Democrats who caucused in 2008, Clinton leads Sanders, 55% to 38%. Clinton, led on foreign policy, garnering more trust by 40 points. She also was seen as more likely to win the general election in November, 60% to 38%.

Meanwhile, likely Republican caucus-goers are divided as to who would best handle foreign policy, with Trump (27%), Rubio (26%) and Cruz (25%) in a virtual three-way split. The Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses will definitely have a lasting impression on the race for the 2016 elections.