Today: Sunday, 26 May 2024 year

Trump, wife and daughter never voted in a Republican primary

Voter records obtained have shown that Republican presidential candidate and front runner, Donald Trump has never cast a vote in a Republican primary election in the state in which he has long been a resident. The same goes for Trump’s daughter Ivanka and his wife Melania. The revelation came as the billionaire businessman presses voters to embrace him in upcoming primaries and caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire in the first-in-the-nation primary.

Trump as a democrat or republican never voted for any president

The official voting record, according to Dailymail reveals that the 69-year-old billionaire failed to vote in any Republican presidential primary dating back to 1989. Similarly, there is no evidence showing that Trump bothered to vote in Democratic primaries, presidential or otherwise. The records, pulled in September from the Board of Elections of the City of New York, show that Trump has voted consistently in general elections since 1989 but his primary voting record indates that he has voted in just a New York City mayoral primary in September 2013 and a primary election for a U.S. Senate special election in September 2010. There is no indication that he has voted in a presidential primary of any kind since 1989, a time-frame during which he has said he was a Democrat.

Bush, Cruz fires Trump, says he’s not a conservative

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s campaign was eager to pound on Trump via email. ‘Donald Trump spent years as a Democrat and is not and has never been a conservative,’ says Bush press secretary Kristy Campbell. ‘It should come as a surprise to no one that he has never voted in a Republican primary.’ Catherine Frazier, Sen. Ted Cruz’s press secretary, also blasted The Donald for not being ‘a true conservative.’

Trump still ahead in polls

Trump has pointed to voters that he’s still leading by wide margins in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, and nearly every other state where pollsters take the Republican electorate’s temperature. On Thursday in Las Vegas, Trump boasted of a new Emerson College poll that shows him leading Cruz there by 10 points. ‘Cruz is going down,’ he told a packed ballroom at the South Point casino. ‘He’s like a nervous wreck. He’s going down. He’s had his moment.’ In Iowa, he is running neck-and-neck with Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in some polls, and leading him comfortably in others.