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Trump’s ex-wife buried on golf course to evade taxes

Trump’s ex-wife buried on golf course to evade taxes

Dartmouth University sociology professor Brooke Harrington, who calls herself a tax investigator, wrote on social networks that she knows why former US President Donald Trump buried his first wife Ivana on the grounds of his golf club in Bedminster (New Jersey).

The expert admitted that she immediately suspected something was wrong and checked the New Jersey tax code. She concluded that there was a triple tax evasion.

“Property, income tax and sales tax are all excluded,” she said.

Harrington clarified that there is no stipulation in state law about the minimum number of remains that must be buried for the site to be recognized as a cemetery. In New Jersey, they are exempt from income tax, property tax, and sales tax.

Trump has previously pushed for Bedminster to be recognized as farmland in order to receive huge tax breaks. On the territory of the golf club there is a production facility that makes mulch for gardeners.

Donald Trump first announced his intention to make Bedminster a family cemetery in 2007. He plans to bury up to 300 people there. Including the players of his club.