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Trump’s foul mouth doesn’t sit well in South Carolina

Trump’s foul mouth doesn’t sit well in South Carolina


Donald Trump’s defiance of predictions to lead the polls for the GOP nomination is amazing. The real estate mogul has consistently set himself apart in the primaries. However, his foul mouth seems not to go down well in South Carolina, a conservative and deeply religious state.

While many of Trump’s fan admire his bluntness — one think lacking in other GOP presidential hopefuls seeking political correctness, Trump has been advised to tone it down for the sake of South Carolina voters.

Angela Elrod, an independent from nearby Piedmont said: “I think it bothers people, I really do. It bothers me. I think maybe not so much your younger voters but your middle-age and older ones.” She then advised the real estate tycoon to “tone it down.”

According to reports from POLITICO, Trump uttered “what the hell” no fewer than three times. His first statement when he walked in was: What the hell kind of building is this?” This fuels more anger towards Trump who had repeated his campaign fan’s description of GOP Rival Ted Cruz as a “pussy” for opposing torture.

One voter was reported describing Trump’s lewd comments as: “totally inappropriate.” “It offends a lot of people, ” he added. Ted Cruz is now exploring Trump’s obscenity. He warned his supporters at a rally this week to send their “kids out of the room” when Trump comes on TV. Ted Cruz also attacked Trump but kept his rhetoric G-rated. He calling Donald Trump a squish on gay marriage and abortion aside mocking his knowledge of the Bible.

Ted Cruz goes on in Fort Mill to say: “Voters are assessing who is prepared to be commander in chief. And I will say I’m not sure a lot of voters are excited about having a president, who when he gets rattled, when he gets upset, begins cursing and yelling vulgarities. Donald can choose to communicate however he likes. I’m not going to respond in kind.”