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Trump’s rival said she will not leave the race for the Republican nomination.

Trump’s rival said she will not leave the race for the Republican nomination.

The only rival of former US President Donald Trump in the fight for the Republican nomination in the election of the American leader, the country’s former permanent representative to the UN Nikki Haley, said that she will not leave the race, even if she significantly loses in the primaries in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

“We’ll be in South Carolina. It’s always been a marathon, not a sprint… Let’s see what happens in South Carolina. There were 14 candidates in the race, I’m in this place not because of luck, but because I worked harder than others and smarter than everyone else… I’m a fighter, I work hard. We’ll fight until the polls close… And we’ll see you in South Carolina,” Haley told reporters at a polling station in New Hampshire.

Her conversation with the press was broadcast on CNN.

Earlier, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his abandonment of the race for the post of Republican nominee in the presidential election and supported Trump. He made this decision based on the results of the first events in the primary elections in Iowa: Trump took the votes of half of the participants, DeSantis took second place. Even earlier, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy dropped out of the race. There are two main contenders left in the race for the nomination – Haley and Trump, but the former president, according to polls, is supported by more voters. Trump is convinced Haley will drop out of the race when she loses the New Hampshire primary. She herself is betting on the primary elections in the state of South Carolina, where she previously served as governor. The primaries will be held there at the end of February.