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Trumps slightful attack on Cruz splits voters

Trumps slightful attack on Cruz splits voters

Donald J. Trump has defied conservative orthodoxy on policy, ignored traditional politicking and even defamed prisoners of war and the disabled, sacrosanct constituencies that his opponent would no more slight than they would accept a bag of cash with cameras rolling.

But this campaign has proven to be dramatic and no doubt a challenging one, Mr. Donald Trump’s opponents only hopes his latest outbursts may be too much for well-mannered voters in this strongly evangelical Christian state withstand. Trump use of distursbing vulgar word this week to depict one of his opponents, Senator Ted Cruz.

Trumps is characterized by his unrefined use of language

Mr. Trump’s based language has become an expected factor at his rallies. And the slight against Mr. Cruz was largely made insignificant by the coverage of the next day’s New Hampshire primary.

Trump who most times vocalize his words in an unrefined manner , Mr. Trump has further distinctively divided a Republican Party already deeply divided about his candidacy, especially across class lines.

His supporters, according to polls indicates that many are without a college degree, see his willingness to speak basely as yet another refreshing example of his rigidity to political correctness.

Many of his critics are more affluent, conceptualize his language as a particularly clear sign that he is not well cultured and he is not fit for the nation’s most powerful and highest office.

The differing reactions are already playing out on the campaign trail.

Rebecca Sadella, who attended a rally for Senator Marco Rubio this week in Myrtle Beach, said she was disturbed and offended by Mr. Trump’s language.

“The way he speaks — that doesn’t sound like somebody who really believes in God that much,” said Ms. Sardella, who works for a nondenominational church in North Myrtle Beach. “You want your children to look up at the president of the United States.”