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Turkey donates 5,000 medical ventilators

Turkey donates 5,000 medical ventilators

Turkey’s industry and technology minister said that during the coronacrisis, the national companies have donated or exported to many countries 5,000 medical ventilators, according to YeniSafak.

Turkish medical ventilators have been saved lives across the globe, Mustafa Varank said Monday. Over a year, Turkey has exported or donated a total of 5,000 locally manufactured medical ventilators. That medical equipment helps in treating the novel pathogen.

The Turkish biotech firm Biosys produced 10,000 medical ventilator units, half of which were either sold or donated to many corners of the planet.

Such industrial acceleration was able to do this with the backing of three companies — unmanned aerial vehicle producer Baykar, defence giant Aselsan, and major appliances firm Arcelik.

As Mr Varank stressed, individuals, businesses and governments that can project the structural transformation triggered by the disease and adapt quickly to the new normal become the winners of the new era.

The International Labor Organization reported on changes made by the coronavirus in attitudes and consumer behaviour. In Turkey, the distant working ratio rose 25%, up from 8% in the pre-epidemic period.

“Payments by credit cards in markets and shopping malls jumped 60% on an annual basis,” Varak added.