Today: Thursday, 25 April 2024 year

Turkey, Greece and Egypt expect a flow of pensioners from Europe in winter

Turkey, Greece and Egypt have announced their intention to become a “winter home” for Europeans who seek to save money to move to warmer climes.

It is noted that Turkey expects an increase in interest in the region in winter. Erkan Yagci, chairman of the Antalya Provincial Tourism Association (AKTOV), said that the upcoming winter season will be the best in the last three years. At least 152 hotels in the province of Antalya will continue to operate during the winter period, which is a much higher figure than in previous years.

German tour operator Bentour CEO Deniz Ugur explained that heating bills in Germany will cost twice as much as staying in an all-inclusive hotel in Turkey. According to his assumptions, 1 million German tourists can come to Turkey in winter.

“For this reason, we say to hoteliers: think twice before closing your hotel in winter,” he emphasizes.

Egypt also plans to host Europeans. The Ministry of Tourism of Egypt instructed hoteliers to develop proposals for long-term stay of Europeans. It is designed for retirees and for those who work remotely.

Greece is also waiting for the influx of German pensioners for the winter. The Minister of Tourism of Greece, Vassilis Kikilias, during his visit to Berlin, argued this with the following words: “The weather is better, life is cheaper.”