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Turkey provides food packages to Rohingya in Bangladesh

Turkey provides food packages to Rohingya in Bangladesh

Ramadan allows Muslims the rare opportunity to stretch support to those who in need. Turkish charity on Monday distributed 15,000 food packets to Rohingya refugees and their hosts in Bangladesh.

Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate has announced that for the 2021 Ramadan program it distributed 11,800 food packets for the Rohingya community.

“But we didn’t forget the host community. We distributed 3,200 food packages for our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters,” Oguzhan Adsiz, the Bangladesh coordinator for Turkey’s Diyanet Foundation.

Traditionally, every package for a family contains 16 items including dates, soybean oil, chickpeas, milk powder, sugar, salt, flour, and other necessities.

In fact, Diyanet works in Bangladesh for almost a decade, the humanitarian organization was the first that stretched a hand of help to Rohingya people in August 2017.

Earlier, the group produced 45,000 bottles of liquid soap in its camp-based factory and distributed those among the persecuted people to ensure safety during the pandemic, Adsiz said.