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Turkey to “eliminate” anti-China forces: foreign minister Cavusoglu

Turkey to “eliminate” anti-China forces: foreign minister Cavusoglu

Turkey and China had a meeting on the high level, on Thursday, Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu promised to his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi to “eliminate” anti-China forces from his country.

Mevlut Cavusoglu’s vow regarding the elimination of the anti-China brigades from the territory of Turkey is a clear signal that Ankara moves towards Beijing’s treatment of Muslim minorities.

Both China and Turkey have sparred in the past over Beijing’s treatment of the mostly Muslim Uighur minority in China’s far western region of Xinjiang, a Turkish-speaking province that has close ties with Turkey.

The Foreign Minister Cavusoglu assured the journalists in Beijing that Turkey absolutely will not allow any activities opposing or aimed against China within Turkey or its territories and ‘we will take measures to eliminate any media reports aimed against China.’

Turkey and China discuss the counter-terrorist measures

Turkey to “eliminate” anti-China forces

Beijing blames unrest in Xinjiang on Islamist separatists seeking independence for the region, while Turkey in the past repeatedly expressed concerns about Beijing’s treatment of the minority — with Erdogan even accusing Beijing of “genocide” in the region.

As part of China’s expansive Belt and Road initiative, an economic corridor will be established between the two countries, as well as a highspeed rail linking the eastern and western regions of Turkey.