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Turkish Airlines to resume flights globally in June

Turkish Airlines to resume flights globally in June

Turkish Airlines announced the gradual resumption of flights from June, Andalou Agency said. Following a long pause, the national airline corporation will resume both domestic and international flights in June.

For Turkey, its Turkish Airlines remains the national flag carrier airline, which serves more destinations non-stop from a single airport than any other airline in the world. In fact, TA used to fly to 126 countries, more than any other company.

Next month, at least three major international airlines laid out their plans to increase flights. The businesses expect of governments further bringing the coronavirus under control and lifting entry restrictions and bans.

  • Qatar Airways will grow destinations from 52 in May to 80 in June.
  • Korean Air will increase international routes from 13 in May to 32 in June, growing weekly international flights from 55 to 146.
  • Turkish Airlines will resume its international and domestic flights in June.

Taking into account the current epidemiological situation globally, Turkish Airlines is most optimistic. It is making provisions to resume flights in June, according to a plan seen by Reuters. Unlike many airlines.

To sum it up, Turkish tentatively expects to have 75 weekly international flights in June across 22 destinations. That will gradually grow to 103 destinations and 572 flights in July, and then 160 destinations and 937 flights in August.

Turkish’s draft plan calls for it to operate 60% of domestic flights in June. China Eastern expects to operate 70-80% of domestic flights by the end of June following China aggressively bringing the virus under control.

Turkish Airlines is ready to resume its activity next month

So far, the three-month plan by Turkish Airlines looks reasonable. Airlines will resume its activity in June – to 22 destinations in 19 countries, including EU countries like Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium. However, Middle Eastern and Asian region also included in plan.

According to the plan, the number of destinations and flight frequency on international routes will rise to 103 and 572, respectively, in July, and to 160 and 937 in August.

It is scheduled to gradually build up the number of destinations to 99 countries in September; however, this tentative plan may be subject to change in line with the latest developments.