Today: Thursday, 30 May 2024 year

Turkish military: Syrian Al-Bab fully taken from IS

Turkish Armed Forces and Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army fighters have completed the operation on the gaining the full control of Syrian city al-Bab. The Turkish military said today as well that clean-up work regarding obstacles, mines and hand-made explosives is ongoing.

The Euphrates Shield operation’s important part is completed: on Feb. 24, the Turkish Armed Forces took the control over 230 residential areas and 1,925 square kilometres in Al-Bab and the surroundings of this Syrian city.

According to the messages of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), it has control of a 2,225-square-kilometer area along with the Azaz region. The Turkish military noted that Turkish Armed Forces lost two soldiers, and three more were wounded in an attack south of Al-Bab staged. To date, there is no active elements of the IS in the city.

The wounded Turkish soldiers were brought to a hospital, they status is stable, said the surgeons. On Feb. 24, the Turkish Prime Minister Yıldırım had a press conference outside a mosque in Ankara, after prayers, he acknowledged the incident with the Turkish soldiers in Al-Bab. The PM explained the details of the incident: the soldiers who were conducting road checks at the entrance of al-Bab became a target for the jihadists’ attack.

An ISIL car bomb killed more than 40 people on Feb. 24 in a Syrian village held by rebels, a war monitor said, a day after the IS fighters group was driven from Al-Bab.