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Tusk expressed confidence that he will become Prime Minister of Poland.

Tusk expressed confidence that he will become Prime Minister of Poland.

Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk is confident that he will become prime minister of the country on December 11 or 12, and is preparing his keynote speech.

Earlier on Friday, Mateusz Morawiecki expressed hope that he would receive a vote of confidence from the Sejm to continue his premiership, saying that he would present his program to deputies on December 11, and was negotiating support with some of the representatives of other parties.

“On December 11, as you know, we will listen to Prime Minister Morawiecki, and if time permits on December 11, then on December 11 we will also choose a new prime minister,” Tusk said after a meeting with Sejm Speaker Szymon Holowna.

So expect a new government on December 11, if time permits. If not, on December 12. The keynote speech will take place on December 12,” Tusk added.

The Speaker of the Sejm agreed with him.

“We would like to leave parliament on December 11 with the understanding that we have a government for which Polish voters voted,” Holownia said.

On Monday, Polish President Andrzej Duda swore in Morawiecki’s government. In accordance with the constitution, the prime minister has two weeks to deliver a keynote speech in the Sejm and appeal to deputies for a vote of confidence. This deadline expires on December 11th. The likelihood that Morawiecki will receive a vote of confidence for his government is extremely low, given that his Law and Justice party does not have a parliamentary majority.

After this, the initiative to nominate a prime minister passes to the Sejm, in which the opposition has a majority and, by prior agreement, must nominate Tusk for the post of prime minister.

The current composition of the Polish Sejm differs from the previous one in that the Law and Justice (PiS) party of Jaroslaw Kaczynski no longer has a majority in it. According to the results of the parliamentary elections on October 15, Law and Justice received 194 seats in the Sejm, and the opposition Civic Coalition – 157, Third Way – 65, Left – 26. Another 18 seats were received by the coalition of nationalists and Eurosceptics “Confederation” .

Nevertheless, Kaczynski’s party declared itself the winner, having received more votes than other political forces. On this basis, PiS declared its right to form a government and nominated Morawiecki as a candidate for prime minister. In turn, the disparate opposition, before the start of parliament, concluded a coalition agreement and, formally having more than half of the parliamentary mandates, declared its right to form a cabinet, nominating the former head of the European Council, Tusk, as prime minister.