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U.S. And China Join Forces For Super Powers Play

U.S. And China Join Forces For Super Powers Play

What could turn out to be the biggest game changer in military history, the United States and the People’s Liberation Army of China></a> have teamed up to share tactics and expertise to see how both sides can work together during disasters both natural and man made.

Around 80 Chinese military officers and soldiers are visiting the Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This is a precedent as it’s the first time ever that Chinese troops have been allowed to train in the continental United States.

This joint venture is part of the 11 year process of formal exchanges between the US and China. Reportedly they’re for preparation for natural disasters.

The officers like the camaraderie and this team up could mean a new global force for good. As it is right now, both countries need one another badly. To be at odds given their large populations and mutual enemies, the US and China cannot exist without one another. Both have money and man power, but the US still is the tech leader on the planet.

The big challenges for the team up are language, ideologies, and opinions. How will China’s philosophy match with US ideology? That’s what this team up will determine, just how well will both sides work together and can they do it without conflicts. Will Chinese troops take orders from gay or lesbian US officers? Will they bunk down with them? What about people of other races? Will the Chinese troops take orders from Black, Latino, or even Native American officers? It’s going to be an interesting study to see what comes out of it all.

There’s more benefit it seems with this team up than detriment, however, some critics will look at the potential for corruption. Should things work out well, will the Chinese then be the strong-arms for the US military industrial complex? Or will the Chinese gain such a foothold on American soil and interests that the American people end up like second class citizens to Chinese interests? Will a future China-US super power then team up with Russia for an unstoppable global power that no one can defend against?

There’s sure to be lots of debate down the road. The excuse for this team up to handle natural disasters is going to be looked at as a cloak to a global police presence. The US and Europe and Africa would need a massive Chinese army to keep things in check should some shocking revelation about government corruption or appeasement to some higher power emerge.

Hopefully, this team up will reinforce our faith in humanity and not turn into some nightmare that a free mankind will never escape from.