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U.S. intensifies efforts to prevent Zika infections

U.S. intensifies efforts to prevent Zika infections

Residents of Miami can catch Zika infections now, on July 29, the Florida Department of Health announced that mosquitoes were transmitting Zika in a square-mile area of a neighborhood north of Miami’s downtown. Now, U.S. government intensifies efforts to prevent the spreading of disease.

On Friday, health officials informed on new cases of Zika, which were identified in the Miami area. All three cases caused with the mosquitos, say tests. In total, in Miami registered 28 cases so far.

U.S. intensifies its protection against the virus Zika spreading, in Miami, for example, insect-control workers make needed preparations for possible local outbreaks of their own. The main goal of the health departments now is ramping up early-warning mechanisms. Many clinics in the U.S. have been supplied with Zika testing kits.

According to Benjamin Schwartz, deputy director of Los Angeles County’s acute communicable disease control program:

“Now, anyone who exhibits symptoms of Zika—primarily a fever and a rash—regardless of their travel history can be tested.”

The statistic shows that Zika virus, which can cause birth defects if it infects pregnant women, is spreading across Latin America and the Caribbean, including the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Different disease control programs on prevention Zika are working across the U.S.