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UAE visit to Turkey ‘marks new era’ in relations

UAE visit to Turkey ‘marks new era’ in relations

The United Arab Emirates and Turkey have solidified their cooperation thanks to the visit of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed. The UAE official arrived in Ankara on Wednesday for discussing the wide range of issues, including trade, health and education.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, starts his official visit to Turkey. The move is significant in a number of ways and even ‘marks a new era’ in the future for a region.

The visit of the senior royal comes at a time when both Turkey and the UAE are working together on a vision for a more peaceful, stable and prosperous future. The Sheikh Mohamed’s visit aimed at creating of economic value through enhancing trade, business partnerships and investments.

The two nations have two of the most dynamic economies and societies in the region. Over the years, the UAE is Turkey’s largest regional trading partner. And the current visit, at the invitation of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, marks a new era to take these ties to new levels.

The UAE and Turkey both have open and inclusive economies and understand the value of partnerships. Over the past five years, the UAE mostly invested in Turkey’s transportation, renewable energy and tourism sectors, while Turkish investments in the UAE focused on construction, automotive components and renewable energy.

And as the two nations celebrate our Golden Jubilee, partnerships and building bridges will continue to be central to next 50-year development plans, The National reports.