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UFC and Conor McGregor’s extended break from the sport

UFC and Conor McGregor’s extended break from the sport

UFC faced with the puzzle, which created unpredictable Conor McGregor. The Irish fighter announced his absence in an octagon for a while because he awaits the birth of his first baby. This great news unsynced the UFC’ fights schedule, indeed. 

Conor McGregor surprised everyone with the unexpected break in his fighter’s career, ‘The Notorious’ and his partner are expecting their first child. That became a reason for taking a pause for Dubliner.

In terms of UFC, McGregor’s absence from the no other fighter will get a title shot, consequently, has led Ferguson and Nurmagomedov face each other for the interim lightweight championship at UFC 209, which will take place in Nevada on 4th March 2017.

Ferguson doesn’t believe in MacGregor’s reason, the fighter suggests that Conor is just scared to face Tony. At the same time, the Russian rising star Khabib Nurmagomedov believes that the Dubliner has a long history of not defending his champion belt.

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Tony Ferguson said a lot of interesting words of McGregor during the recent interview for FOX Sports:

“He’s going to run. Go ahead. Go run. Go try to box so you can get your ass kicked, too, then when you’re ready to come back they’re going to strip your belt. At 155, I’m going to be holding that and you’re going to be like ‘oh I want my belt back’. I don’t give a (expletive). This is the real fight. The fight’s between Khabib and Ferguson. That’s the real deal fight.”

Nurmagomedov dislikes McGregor too, the Russian fighter concluded:

“Because he never defends his belts. He never [defended] his Cage Warriors belts, never defended his featherweight belt, and now UFC lightweight, I don’t think is different. But he has to defend.”

However it works in a couple of weeks, on March 4th, the time will show the results of 209th fight in Nevada.