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UFC’s Dana White bought million-dollar mansions to bulldoze them

UFC’s Dana White bought million-dollar mansions to bulldoze them

The neighbours of Dana White are perplexed: the UFC head bought the million-dollar mansions in his neighbourhood to bulldoze them. 

It is rather hard to be nouveau-riche, even in Los Angeles. According to the reports by Las Vegas Review Journal, the UFC president Dana White has been buying up neighbouring mansions for million dollars just to remove the buildings from the face of the earth. Why?

Dana White

White’s now putting his money to good use building himself a Mark Zuckerberg style compound. The realtors suggest White bought properties in the area for $1.8 million, $2.4 million, and $2 million in October, January and March, respectively.

At least one of these building has already been torn down (see photo above). The UFC president probably hoping a little more space between himself and the neighbours will lead to fewer complaints against him with the home owner’s association in the area. The loud parties, for example, are not the things, which neighbours respect.

Another reason for White to have more space between neighbour houses is white snowy Christmas. Dana White is known to import massive amounts of snow to dump on his driveway to give his family a white Christmas.