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UK business chiefs’ reaction to Heathrow expansion approval

UK business chiefs’ reaction to Heathrow expansion approval

The UK business chiefs have reacted to the airport Heathrow issue. Solid businessmen have largely welcomed the decision of Theresa May’s government to approve the building of a third runway at Heathrow airport. According to business, such an object will boost jobs and growth. Many MPs disagreed indeed.

The chiefs of large UK business applauded the decision of the government to expand the Heathrow airport. But some have raised concerns about the decision and its execution, they aren’t sure in the economical and ecological use of the third railway.

BBC round up some of the reaction from the business community.

Paul Drechsler, President of the Confederation of British Industry

“A new runway at Heathrow is really fantastic news, especially as the country has waited nearly 50 years for this decision. It will create the air links that will do so much to drive jobs and unlock growth across the UK, allowing even more of our innovative, ambitious and internationally focused firms, from Bristol to Belfast, to take off and break into new markets.

“With contracts to tender for, apprentices to recruit and supply chains to build, this decision must be taken forward swiftly, giving businesses the confidence to invest.

“Our aviation capacity is set to run out as early as 2025, so it’s crucial we get spades in the ground as soon as possible to reap the benefits for jobs and growth, precisely when the country needs them most.”

Stewart Wingate, Chief executive of Gatwick 

“We are disappointed as we do not believe this is the right answer for Britain. Gatwick has put forward a credible financeable and deliverable plan for expansion. It is a plan that can guarantee growth and guarantee certainty for Britain.

“We look forward to studying the full reasons behind the government decision in detail. The challenges facing Heathrow have not changed. Our message today is that Gatwick stands ready to proceed when the time comes.”