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UK: coronavirus made Queen leave Buckingham Palace

UK: coronavirus made Queen leave Buckingham Palace

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the plans of Queen Elizabeth too, according to the New York Post. The monarch and her husband Prince Philip decided to leave the Buckingham Palace for their Windsor Castle this weekend.

Buckingham Palace, about a 25-mile drive from Windsor Castle, is in the middle of London and sees a constant flow of visitors. Under the worsening situation with coronavirus, such a move looks pretty reasonable. In Windsor Castle, the royal couple in their 90+ will remain in quarantine amid the outbreak worsen in the United Kingdom.

The queen, 93, and Prince Phillip, 98, were chauffeured off Buckingham Palace on Saturday. As the insider says, her majesty is in good health but it was thought best to move her.

Taking in the account that Queen is weeks away from her 94th birthday, her advisers believe it is best to get Elizabeth out of harm’s way. Prince Philip accompanies her majesty as always.

There is an alternative explanation of Quen’s leaving the Buckingham Palace. The monarch could simply take part in her routine weekend trip to the castle, with the expectation of returning to London next week. However, needed plans for a quarantine have been made for the whole royal family if the spread of the virus intensifies inside the country.

As of Sunday morning, there are more than 1,400 reported cases in the UK including 21 deaths.

Buckingham Palace continues to live in normal regime

The Royal Family issued a statement, which explains a “sensible precaution and for practical reasons in the current circumstances, changes are being made to the Queen‘s diary commitments in the coming weeks”.

The statement read: “In consultation with the Medical Household and Government, Her Majesty’s forthcoming visits to Cheshire and Camden will be rescheduled.

The audiences will continue as usual while other events will be reviewed on an ongoing basis in line with the appropriate advice, the document added.

Next week, the monarch was due to visit three places in Macclesfield and Cheshire. Her Majesty had also been due to visit Camden, however, details of the visit were yet to be released.

On the royal agenda, the Queen was planning to visit the Bentley Motors Factory in Crewe, and the Jodrell Bank Observatory and Square Kilometre Array Global Headquarters in Macclesfield on March 19.