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UK: designers launch high-tech, sustainable face mask

UK: designers launch high-tech, sustainable face mask

The British engineers have offered a new, improved, type of face mask, Masuku One. Its design features a state of the art filtration system and one of co-designers is the Russian supermodel Natalia Vodyanova.

The new brand based in the UK is offering an innovative and sustainable face mask concept. Its biobased and recyclable material allows decreasing the carbon pressure, while every manufacturing aspect is calibrated “to achieve maximum comfort and carefully considered with sustainability in mind”.

The face mask Masuku One features a ‘spacer mesh’ fabric cover, made entirely from recycled performance polymer and is optimised to allow airflow.

According to the entrepreneur, the material is heat-pressed into a shell-like shape and presents a soft guard fabric on the side in contact with the skin. In addition, ear-loops are also made from recycled components and feature four 360-degree joints, allowing for a personalised fit.

“The air we breathe affects every organ and cell in our bodies. I sincerely hope, in the future, masks will not be needed. Until then, we want Masuku to be the most technological, sustainable option to breathe clean air, while respecting it”, says top model Natalia Vodianova, one of the co-designers and mother of four.

The product is fully made in the UK, with the nano-fibre filtration material produced in a state-of-the-art AirLab set up by the company in Yorkshire. There are further nearby locations dedicated to assembly and production of Masuku products.