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UK officials: Calais children expected in Britain ‘within days’

UK officials: Calais children expected in Britain ‘within days’

The discussion between UK and France regarding the giant migrant camp “Jungle” in Calais has finished. UK officials said up to 300 unaccompanied children from this migrants camp are expected to arrive for resettlement in Britain next week.

UK officials and their colleagues from France have started the process of registering unaccompanied minors eligible to join relatives in the UK. The “Jungle” camp is currently home to over 9,000 migrants, and prior to its imminent closure, both countries started an important process.

The government of France promised the demolishing the camp in Calais by the end of the year, in January all its migrants will be redirected to the reception centres elsewhere in France.Aid agencies say the camp is currently home to over 9,000 migrantsAuthorities planned to use the bulldozers starting on October 24, the process of removing the “Jungle” camp and its schedule knows both countries. But in response to this, the British and French charities appeal to postpone it because it is illegal to close the camp right now. There’s no alternative accommodation for up to 10,000 migrants who live in Calais camp.

Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, estimates that about 300 of the estimated 1,200 children at the “Jungle” are eligible to be settled in Britain under European Union rules as they have family members already living in the country. The UK officials are required to arrange for their transport from other European countries and make provision for their support.