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UK wants to adopt Norway’s bottle recycling system

UK wants to adopt Norway’s bottle recycling system

The UK government are enthusiastic about the recycling model used in Norway, the experts say that method significantly reduces plastic pollution of natural environments. That is why Britons want to copy Scandinavian’s approach, BBC reports.

The Norwegian model is based on a small surcharge being paid on every bottle that is bought throughout the country. The surcharge, or deposit, is paid back to consumers when bottles are returned via specialised machines, which are located at most supermarkets. Easy and effective! The same system is showing the amazing results also in neighbouring Sweden and Denmark, along with Germany and a number of US and Canadian states.

The UK government advisers visited Norway to investigate the country’s industry-led scheme credited with increasing plastic bottle recycling levels to 97 percent. It is thought likely a similar system will be adopted in the UK.

In the UK the proportion of plastic bottles currently recycled is estimated at 50 percent, and the country is facing a crisis over a buildup of plastic waste. According to Kjell Olav Maldum, CEO Infinitum, which operates the recycling system in Norway, the existing model was optimal.

“There are other recycling schemes, but we believe ours is the most cost-efficient. We think it could be copied in the UK – or anywhere,’

Maldum said and added that Infinitum principle is that if drinks firms can get bottles to shops to sell their products, they can also collect those same bottles.