Today: Saturday, 18 May 2024 year

UK will oppose plans for EU army, says Michael Fallon

The UK criticises the EU’s attempts to create own Army because it could “undermine” the role of NATO. The statement of the Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon demonstrated the UK’s opposition to this issue.

The UK minister met with his counterparts in Bratislava where Michael Fallon reminded that Nato “must remain the cornerstone of our defence and the defence of Europe”. Sir Michael added the UK was not alone in the opposing a common EU defence policy, moreover, the UK “remains committed” to Europe’s security. Despite Brexit, the bloc needs to “step up to the challenges” of terrorism and migration, and leaving the EU for Great Britain doesn’t mean to be one of the powerful European nation.

Holland and Merkel, however, are set to make the case for increased military co-operation at the informal meeting in the Slovakian capital later. In 2015, Jean-Claude Juncker called for the creation of an EU Army which is able to confront threats from Russia or elsewhere. The President of the European Parliament Mr. Schulz has said the UK would not have a veto over closer defence cooperation.

Michael Fallon insists:

“Nato must remain the cornerstone of our defence and the defence of Europe.”